Snowy Day Pondering

10 02 2013

I finally got my snow! YAY!

My aunt is kinda racist. Not yay. It’s a little sad when I remember I’m the most liberal in my family, like I was supposed to be born to a pair of progressive lesbians whose biggest issue with me is that I like to sleep with men and they don’t have much wisdom on them.

My issue with my aunt is that she asked a racist woman to work as a treasurer for her organization, and I can’t understand how she could want to work with someone like that, and why she would put someone in a position that involves dealing with people who is obviously prejudiced. It’s like saying that it’s okay. If I ever meet with that woman again, I will say something to her, even if she does the ‘Oh, I’m not racist’ backtracking thing. I hate that, I would almost prefer someone who had no shame in admitting that they believed in what they said. They’d still be wrong, but at least they wouldn’t be trying to back out of it.

But on a happier note, my dog loved the snow, and so did I.


Now it’s Sunday, and…I HAD A DATE! Please cue the fireworks.

From Okcupid, of all places. He’s Greek, tall, an appealing face, and a gentleman. Only downsides are the facial hair (I really don’t like facial hair) and…well…he can’t kiss. Oy vey. I guess I will have to teach him how I like to be kissed, no?

But he bought me dinner, helped me up the  curb, held up my coat for me to put it on…textbook gentleman. We talked for five hours. I like him. And we’ve texted a little, and I’ve asked him out for Valentine’s Day. Via text, and he hasn’t answered yet, but I asked. So, we see how it goes. At the very least, it was a nice experience. I can’t wait to tell my therapist! Is that weird, that I get excited about telling my therapist things?

I’ve gained two and a half pounds. I am decidedly cross about this. But I’m just going back on plan, I know I’ve been fudging it. But I have been working out more, so that’s something, right? Besides, dinner and dessert tonight were only five points. Go me.

Since my head hurts (and I’m really hoping it isn’t turning into a migraine), I’m going to wind up this post. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Update: Well, he’s busy Thursday, but at least he said rest, talk later, and kisses. That was sweet. Not a bad end to a first date in a while. Really not bad at all.

And I will wait on BB’s e-mails. MEH.

Sincerely yours.





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