Writing In Barnes and Noble

7 02 2013

I wanted to write in Starbucks today, but I went to three and all of them were unbearably crowded, so I ended up in a big Barnes and Noble instead. Which is fine, since my usual reaction to B&N is YAY BOOKS OMG I LOVE BOOKS AND OVERPRICED STARBUCKS COFFEE OH BABY.

But first off, there are too many people doing the ‘I didn’t actually buy coffee and therefore have no right to a cafe table’ thing. I know you want to sit and read, but there are chairs in the store for that exact purpose. Go and sit there so that laptop people (such as myself) have somewhere to sit! There’s two girls at a table and one of them isn’t even writing or reading, she’s playing some game on her iPad. Go sit on the floor! (I also desire an iPad.)

It’s not as cold as outside, but someone needs to jack up the heat. I’m cold. I told someone, but I doubt that they actually raised the heat.

Side note: I have seventeen followers. I know in the numbers of the internet that is minuscule, but to me? AWESOME. ::waves to the followers:: (I misspelled minuscule three times and the spell check gave me ‘leguminous’ as a suggestion. What?)

I also think the barista (a girl) might have been flirting with me, but since I have no game, I don’t have the nerve to go over there and flirt back, especially since it would be tres awkward to come back here and see her again. She’s not that cute. She’s cute, but not ‘risk getting a homophobic flame in front of half the cafe’ cute. Very few people are that cute. Also, I am a chicken. BUWAK. ….is that a chicken noise? In my head it does, but on the page it looks like a congested cow.

I also have to pee, but if I get up this seat will not be here when I get back. And I have no idea where the restrooms are.

…maybe this post should have been called ‘Bitching about attempting to write in Barnes and Noble’ instead. Also, it’s supposed to snow, but I haven’t seen so much as a flurry, so whatever. And BB lives, sending me notes about writer’s block. He’s so cute. Sigh.

It’s dark out, my laptop battery is dying, and now I really need to pee so I guess I will see all seventeen of you later. (Tee hee.)

Plugged in again to make two notes. One: the bathroom in Barnes and Noble has a sign about flushing with the word ‘flush’ in quotation marks. …is flush a euphemism for something that I don’t want to know about?

Two: This Barnes and Noble kicks the one in my neighborhood’s ass. Four floors, bigger cafe. But one thing the one in my neighborhood does better? More places to sit down, and they let you sit on the floor. This one has signs everywhere forbidding that.

Glee’s on in ten minutes, which means it is almost time for my weekly nonsensical poppy music fest!

Sincerely yours,





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