Quiet Clubbing, and Other Things

22 01 2013

Quiet clubbing is fun, and hilarious. A room packed full of people, most of whom who have had at least one drink, all bobbing along to whatever channel their headphones are on. So you can be on a pop song, the guy down the bar is dancing salsa, and the girls in the corner are all singing off key to some boy band from the 90s. And then you take the headphones off, and suddenly the only sounds are people talking and singing, and everyone is dancing terribly, and you’re laughing. I didn’t meet anyone, but it was a lot of fun. I was all into my 90s music and lemon drops.

There was one guy who told me I smelled nice. Coming from a man who I didn’t find attractive or interesting, it was creepy like woah. You don’t want to think that someone who you don’t really want is that close to you, I guess.

Then there was another guy who did nothing but walk around and stare. I was like, um, can you not do that, it makes me think that you’re trying to pick who to take home and skin. Logically, I know that he either a. was nervous, or b. was trying to scope out girls, but it was tres creepy nonetheless.

And….I had a job interview today. YAY! I don’t know if I got it or not, but it’s good practice. I also bought a book that has taught me many things in a few hours, called ‘Getting Naked: Five Steps To Finding The Love of Your Life (While Fully Clothed & Totally Sober),’ by Harlan Cohen. He wrote the Naked Roommate. That was about strange things that can happen to you at college and how to deal with them, but this one really makes me think. I like it; it’s frank without making you feel stupid, so I recommend it.

Still makes me sad when BB doesn’t mail me, but now I just try to move on with it. And go on OkCupid. Still haven’t gotten any bites from anyone I like, but oh well. I actually put a bit in my profile about how I don’t want any ‘Hey sexy’ messages, and I still get them. More proof that a lot of guys don’t actually read the profiles. To prove my point, the few messages I get from women usually indicate that they actually want to talk to me. I’m not so attracted to them, but it’s nice that they actually read it!

You know, on the sexuality scale, I used to think I was 50/50, straight down the middle, but I think I’m more of a 65/35. I do appreciate women, but I usually have to know them a little before…actually, no, I take that back. I’m just a little more easily attracted to men, or maybe I’m pickier about women?

Man, I haven’t posted in a while. How’s tricks?

Sincerely yours,





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