My Little Brother is a Tool, and a little Sex Talk

11 01 2013

Isn’t that terrible that I can say that? I mean, he’s my brother, and I love him, and he’s not irredeemable or anything, but oh my god if we weren’t related I would find him insufferable.

He’s turning into one of those guys who takes photos of himself (or has me do it) where he’s throwing gang signs or flipping off the camera, while in a beanie and sunglasses. I am going to pull those photos off the internet in fifteen years and make a slideshow, and the rest of the family with howl with laughter and he will never live it down. In the meantime, I have to ignore him when he’s all ‘You don’t understand my coolness’ and I want to kick him in the shins.

Anyway. I went to a Meetup yesterday. I am very proud of myself, because I wandered around until I found it and I talked to strangers with no expectations and I had fun getting my anime nerd on. If you had told the old me to do that she probably would have run screaming and eaten her body weight in chocolate. (I wonder if anyone’s ever actually done that. I mean, I love me some chocolate, but that’s more than 150 pounds of chocolate. Damn.)

Anyone with social anxiety who’s working on it, don’t lose hope! If I can do it, anyone can.

Now I have the desire to read more manga, mwahahaha. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to quiet clubbing tomorrow. It’s either going to be retarded or funny or a lot of fun, so it’ll be worth the cover. Big C is coming, so we can party all night long.

BB only e-mails once a day now. 😦 Whatever, I will find a new crush.

To people who want to tighten their core a little bit: get a stability ball. They’re not too expensive, and I use one as my desk chair. (Occasionally I use my actual chair because my back gets tired, but my posture is a lot better now.)

This part of the post is NSFW. Just so you know. I’mma talk about sexy things now. In red.

I know I am way too hung up on BB, but other than my massive crush on him, the sex was a big factor.  Now, I am of the opinion that it is a lot easier for men to enjoy sex than it is for women. Men have orgasms early; women can go for years without having them. Probably because female masturbation has taken years to grow out of taboo, while it’s almost taken for granted that men do it regularly. And to be blunt, men have more to work with. 

The point of all this? I have had a lot of ‘oh, is that a crack on the ceiling?’ sex. A lot of it. It happens. A and I? Not so much, we could have some seriously ‘wake up the neighbors and write home about it’ sex. That’s pretty much all I miss about him now. 

BB and me? Oh baby. Some of the best sex I have ever had. Hands down. I mean, when I’m old and I’ve got my little grandkids running around, I will sit back and smile as I remember it. 

Okay, sexy talk over. I am going to get some writing done. Have a good Friday, everyone!

Sincerely yours,





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