Keeping Up

9 01 2013


More than likely, I don’t have a job anymore, unless they decide to keep me by some miracle. So I have to look for a new one, which makes me sad. Also, it’s harder to keep up my activity points.

(To explain, Weight Watchers has something called Active Link, which monitors your activity level, and I’m on a challenge, where you’re supposed to gradually increase your activity levels. Because of work, my level was too high, so I lowered it.)

I really need to find an activity that either a. I don’t have to think about, or b. I actually enjoy doing. I have fitness ADD. It’s like ‘Yay-Zumba! Bored now! Yay-jogging! Bored now! I don’t feel like exercising because it’s boring! For now, I will try to get up every hour and do something physical, since apparently you’re living a sedentary lifestyle if you sit for hours at a time, even if you work out during the day. And since my favorite hobby/desired profession involves sitting for long hours, I have to make a conscious effort to get off my butt.

I’m going to pottery class in a few minutes, so I’ll finish this post later.


YAY for pottery class. It’s free, so I won’t complain about the fact that there’s only one kiln, especially since I think there’s only going to be twelve of us total. And our teacher is pretty nice, even though apparently history is not his forte. (When he was giving us the quickest overview of the history of pottery that was ever existed, he said that 6000 B.C. happened before 12, 000 B.C. Uh. No. I resisted the urge to correct him because I didn’t think correcting the teacher on the first day of class would be particularly endearing.) And I think I’m probably one of the smartest, but I always think that, ha ha. I don’t really care, because clay is very relaxing, and I want to make concrete things. Today I started a pinch pot. It looks amateurish, but I am an amateur, and at least it looks like something. (It looks like a dip bowl, but baby steps.)

On the downside, it’s almost midnight and I’m still way awake. I think I will play The Room on my iPhone. It’s one of those games that you solve puzzles and gather little bits of story-it’s fun, and it’s like two bucks. Try the demo, it’s free!

Also, Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers commercials annoy the hell out of me. Probably because I don’t get the point of Jessica Simpson, in the same way I will never get the point of Paris Hilton. Or Nicki Manaj. I know that I have spelled that wrong, and I don’t care enough to look up how to spell it because she is too annoying to live and her music videos make no sense.  I’m going to watch Cruel Intentions.

Sincerely yours,





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