Managing my Migraine

3 01 2013

Holy hell have I been sick. I was in the hospital for hours yesterday after days of the worst headache I have ever had, and now I’m finally feeling well enough to prop myself up and type out a post.

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I drunk dialed a few people, and I have learned something! I have to not inflict my insecurity on people, because it is really irritating! Also, I plan to stay on Weight Watchers (which is hard to do while you are sick, let me tell you), get more exercise, and to try and believe that I am awesome. (‘Cause I kinda am. ūüôā )

Oh, BB mentioned that a friend confessed to liking him, I asked him not to talk about that because I like him, and we had a mini fight because he said that maybe we shouldn’t talk for a while because I wasn’t supposed to get hurt. But then we got over it, we are not going to mention my feelings for him, he won’t talk about his romances out of respect for that, and he apologized at least three times. I hope we can just be friends. I need to learn to just be friends with a guy anyway,¬†especially¬†one that I’ve slept with. (Does this mean that I don’t like him anymore? Not a chance, but I think I’ve managed to get out of the flowers and colors stage, since he’s been so clear and nice about it. Especially since I don’t think that it’s so much me as that he doesn’t want any relationship. My evidence for that? He mentioned that the friend liked him, but said nothing about how he felt about her, and that when I said I didn’t want to hear about what girls he liked, he said I needed to pay attention to what he was saying. So either I missed something, or he was pointing out that he didn’t say that he liked her.)

Anyways! The week after next I will find out if work wants to keep me-I’m mad that I had to miss this last week, but I was so damn sick I couldn’t even get out of bed other than to go to the bathroom and to eat, so running around work all day was so.not.happening. Right now I’m barely well enough to sit up, and the E.R doctor said to stay home, so home I am. ¬†And I think I need to work on a piece I want to submit for consideration to a paid market. OMG! Wouldn’t that be something. (I think the royalty is like fifty bucks, but who cares, paid market, wee!)

I’m going to try and write while I’m still¬†conscious, so later you guys!

Sincerely yours,





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