Christmas Shopping

22 12 2012

I have all my presents!

Except for this last batch of cookies, which I have to bake, but that’s it. Tomorrow and Monday will be wrapping days. Everyone got everything? Is everyone at home for Christmas already?

I was at the mall today. Holy cheese were there a lot of people. Parking was a minor miracle-we were in the line for the valet parking and someone nearby pulled out, so we almost had to throw down with a nearby car. But they backed off, because we were there first, and I guess they didn’t want to fight at Christmas.

I spent more than a hundred bucks today, but isn’t it so fun to spend money? I’m very American that way. What about you? What do you spend it on?

BB is going home for Christmas today. I’m assuming that he’s there already, as it’s midnight there. I hope he’s happy to be with his family. We didn’t e-mail today. I missed talking to him, but you can’t compete with family and Christmas. We’re just pen-friends, after all.

::listens to Merry Christmas, Darling. AGAIN.::

ARGH. I was trying not to think about him. But I keep listening, hoping that I’ll hear ‘Set Fire to the Rain.’ Yes, the Adele song, I was getting tired of hearing ‘Telephone.’ But I didn’t hear it all day, so I was a little sad.

But I am not going to get bummed about it, because CHRISTMAS IS IN THREE DAYS OMG YAY!

Speaking of which…I think my dough might be ready to cut now. 🙂 I will make gingerbread cookies, and I WILL NOT THINK ABOUT CUTE BRITISH BOYS WITH THEIR ACCENTS AND CUTE E-MAILS AND THEIR ABILITY TO ROCK MY WORLD IN BED. …yeah right.




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