Accidentally Sexist Cookies

18 12 2012

I bought new cookie cutters today because the female cookie cutter had a skirt and legs. My other one doesn’t, it’s a legless woman. I made my last batches of cookies sexist. I am saddened by this. My next batch will be better. And will have faces because I have icing tips now. And I bought the cutest cookie boxes to put them in, yay!

Don’t you just love products? I went to Michael’s for the cookie cutters and decorating icing and ended with melting chocolate and sparkling sugars. I also saw a deluxe frosting tip set, so if I back into baking for serious-DO WANT. I want to make pretty cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.

But Thursday will be cookies and pretzels day-tomorrow is shopping day! For my mother and Big C anyway. I don’t know how I’m going to buy something for my brother, ’cause he is impossible to buy for, but I have to at least get Mom and Big C. (I wish I could buy BB something, but it’s not like I’d really know what to get, and anyway we don’t know each other’s addresses.)

Tonight, I’m making pork tenderloin for the first time. I hope it comes out really well, and goes nicely with my mashed sweet potatoes. And I’m really hungry…oh, wait, it’s almost done.

No it isn’t. Meh. HUNGRY. But my sweet potatoes are yummy. So I will wait. It’s resting now, and it smells so good! Fingers crossed!

It tasted good! It was a tiny bit undercooked, but it was okay, I think I’ve got it down! YAY!

…now I’m eating Froot Loops. I like Froot Loops. As sugary cereals go, it’s not so bad, nutritionally speaking.


Okay, tomorrow might be baking day instead, because my money for shopping didn’t come in. And now I’m sad. But I like baking, so that’s all right. I can do my pretzels and make my gingerbread dough

And since I haven’t talked about BB today: he e-mails and talks about how he’s feeling! That gives me such a happy feeling. I mean, I assume it’s because I’m not physically in front of him and it’s easier to type such things than to say them out loud, but it still makes me happy.

My mother said that she thinks he’s perfect. Cue eye rolling. But I can’t help but smile at the idea.

Geez, I talk about him a lot. I guess it gives me something to think about.


Seven days until Christmas, I’m excited. I don’t even have a tree yet-this December is going by really fast. But I’ll get a little tree-I have to have a tree, it’s not Christmas without it.

Hey, everyone, name the one thing that it’s not Christmas without! Is it decor? A food? A tradition?

(Does anyone go caroling? I don’t, because I’m pretty sure the reaction I would get would be something along the lines of ‘What the hell? There’s some bitch outside singing Christmas carols. I think she wants money. Let’s call the police.’ Also, I’m not going up to stranger’s houses and singing, who knows what’s on the other side of the door, it’s not like I live in Pleasantville,¬†Minnesota.)

…I should probably be showering. Night everyone!


Sincerely yours,





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