Lousy Lousy Day

4 12 2012

Got very little sleep. Woke up with a headache, shrugged it off. Went to work.


Two hours into work I’m dizzy, with a headache, and feeling feverish and queasy. I keep going until I start coughing like I’m dying. Then my boss is like ‘Go home and get your germs off everything.’ I get on the train and go home. Then I forget my bag on the train, which means I lost my new work shirt, my work tie, my name tag, two bags of snacks, and my uneaten lunch, which means I lost the two containers it was in. Crap crap crap.

Now I’m in bed typing, because I’m not sleepy but I’m tired and the pinky on my left hand is twitching for some reason, it looks weird. I’m supposed to take the dog out and I can’t summon the energy and BLAH. I hate today.

On the plus side,  everyone at work was nice to me and said they hoped I felt better. It’s always nice when people are kind to you.


On another note, I am a silly romantic young woman. I get happy whenever British Boy e-mails me, even though I know there can’t be anything between us. We only met once, for goodness’ sake! Not to mention the whole ‘Atlantic Ocean in the way’ part. But it doesn’t change that I wish…I don’t know. I’m being silly. People don’t meet once and suddenly decide that they like each other. That’s only in the movies. All the same, I get sad when he doesn’t e-mail me back, and I’m happy when he e-mails me…which he does every morning, it seems like.

He wanted the e-mail to this. I said no, of course, because imagine if he saw this? He’d think I’m a freak or a stalker or something. …Am I? I don’t think so, it’s not like I’m stalking him or thinking we’re going to get married or…I don’t know, going to England to look him up and proclaiming my undying love for him. Because that would be beyond creepy. It’s just a crush, a stupid crush. I haven’t had a proper one in ages, and I like it-something beyond the whole ‘sex with strangers who I haven’t had a conversation with’ thing. British Boy and I may have ‘hooked up’ the night we met, but we actually talked and laughed together. That was something. Maybe I’m so screwed up that I take the tiniest connection as a potential relationship. That’s probably true. I know he doesn’t think anything like that about me.


Wow, I got morose all of a sudden. Maybe I’m just lonely. I would date more, except I’m picky, and don’t mesh well with people, and all the people who message me on OkCupid are sketchy black guys. Seriously, the last one had a match percent of 19 and had a weird beard, smokes and drinks…just no.

Where are you, my somewhat dorky, sweet, understanding beloved?

Sincerely yours,





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