Working is Hard To Do, Part 2

2 12 2012

My. Feet. Hurt.

And today was a short day! I mean, it was pretty crowded (and Katie Holmes was there, looking normal, with Suri, who is actually cute), but I got ‘service support’ or something as an assignment, so I was going to be floating. (Which means I wouldn’t be in one sport, not that I’m not doing anything.) But then I sort of get roped into the kitchen, which I hate, and then the girl who is supposed to be in the kitchen is almost entirely useless.

She said that she had gotten her appendix taken out, so she couldn’t lift anything heavy. (Why she didn’t just call out, I have no idea.) So I agreed I’d do that, which is a lot of the kitchen job. But then I heard her talking to someone else, and I think she actually had an abortion. Again, why didn’t she call out? Anyway, she couldn’t lift anything, so I got stuck with that, and then she hardly did anything. She carried a few trays and helped me plate desserts and pass out plates, but that was about it. I kept wondering where she was-she’d see me working and just stand there. Talk about frustrating.

And work is wrecking havoc on my Points Plus, because I have to come up with lunch every day, and all the options are crap, and I’m drinking sugary drinks. I don’t think I’m gaining because I’m not sitting down all day anymore, but still. Oh, and I have to reactivate my Weight Watchers account, so I’m tracking on paper, and I have no idea how many weekly points I have. Oy oy oy.

I walked around, looked at the store windows…it was nice, but hard to enjoy with really achy feet…except for one thing.

British Boy and I are still e-mailing every day. It’s little things, and silly things, and flirty things-and yet I still get stupidly happy when he e-mails me. I know I’m being silly about it-we only met once. (It was a good once.) Yet I can’t help it. If only he fancied me too…sigh. (My theme song right now is Merry Christmas, Darling.)

Tomorrow, I plan to make gingerbread cookies! I will take pictures and post them. If I remember to do so, because I am an airhead and I have to get up at 6:30 AM again on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll bring cookies to work if they turn out well, and win some points. I get the feeling sometimes my co workers aren’t too thrilled with me. I will try not to get bogged down, and save more for school. (Money…it just goes places. Name that play!)

Sincerely yours,





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