Here I Am, Back Again, J.J.’s Back, Tell a Friend

19 05 2012


Guess who’s back, guess who’s back…Okay, I’ll stop now. No more early 2000 music references. …did that song come out in the early 2000s? I don’t remember. ::goes to check:: Yes it was. Okay. Anyway.

Down fourteen pounds! WOO! And in typical American fashion, how did I celebrate?

With fried chicken, French fries, and chocolate ice cream.

But I’m back on track today. It’s eight thirty and I still have ten points. …I will probably have a frozen peach cup. (Which make good snacks, actually. Get the ones in light syrup, not the regular kind, and freeze them, and it’s a good substitute when you want something cold.)

I also started getting SELF magazine, which I like, partly for the different exercises. I tend to get stuck in exercise ruts. And there’s a recipe in this month’s issue that I want to try, with salmon. (I found out from weight watchers that wild salmon is better for your than farm raised because its muscle tone is better, that farm raised has more fat. But since wild is twice as expensive, I think I’ll be sticking with farm raised unless it’s on sale.)

And tomorrow is my first…5K! I’m actually really excited. I wanted A to come with, but due to his history with smoking he was all ‘Pass’, but I’m still going. I hope I can finish it. I mean, I can walk two miles, and I don’t have to run it, but still.


I can’t tell where A and I are at all. It’s like we’re heading towards each other without a sure sense of direction, or if both of us want to keep on going. Maybe that’s just me. I don’t know if I’m looking for a romantic ideal that doesn’t exist and I don’t want to settle for reality, or if I think there’s something better out there. But I think less of myself, if that’s true. I mean, you’re not supposed to be looking past your partner, just in case say, Misha Collins turns up sans his beloved wife and wants to go out. What does that say about me, if I keep an eye out for someone else while I keep my arms around him?







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