Disgusted and Hopeful

19 04 2012

Today I’m going to talk about my journey on the express bus. Riding on the express bus itself is usually pretty comfortable unless someone who’s too fat sits in the seat next to you and you end up pressed against the window and your breath ends up creating moisture and it feels like a St. Bernard is breathing on your face. But anyway.

My journey starts downtown, so there’s little stores and people to look at, and then, after about thirty blocks or so? The area gets expensive. Slick, you can almost taste the black credit cards expensive. As we go up we pass Michael Kors, Coach, some stores I’ve never heard of before but ooze the aura of expense, Prada, more boutiques, and plenty of building where the rent for a one bedroom is probably twice of this apartment, and it’s a three bedroom. The sidewalks are so clean I could probably lick it, and there’s Starbucks everywhere. Most of the people walking around are white. Then we go further up, and it’s not as expensive, there’s a Gap and a Banana Republic and that unnecessarily expensive workout gear store (it’s called Althea or Athena or something), there’s a Barnes and Noble, little Asian restaurants, Easy Spirit, places like that. It’s a little sloppier, but it’s not so bad. The people are a little more mixed. But twenty blocks from there? It’s like being in a different city all together. There’s garbage in the street, and I wouldn’t touch the sidewalk barehanded. The stores are almost laughable, they’re all bargain stores with things in bins on the sidewalk, a third of them are closed. There aren’t any Starbucks, only Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins and McDonalds. Most of the people are black or Spanish.

There’s supposedly more equality now, and I can’t help but laugh. There’s still that same gap between the rich and the poor, and often the same gap is between white people and everyone else. The affluent part of the city is something to be admired; it’s clean, there’s a good variety of stores and restaurants, and there’s plenty to do. But you leave that area and I feel like the people who live there have been forgotten. Why is it acceptable for these people to have garbage on their streets, while less than two miles away the streets are clean with plenty of accessible trash receptacles? I understand that the stores are going to be less expensive in a lower income area, but it’s not as if the city can’t do something so the people living there can take pride in their neighborhood.

Exercise is boring. I need to start taking classes or something, because goddamn am I bored. All I do is crunches, walking, rowing, weight machines. I’m starting to think my muscles are bored, and considering the fact that they aren’t sentient, that’s saying something. I might try the Zumba DVDs again, but the women are so annoyingly perky I want to kick them. But I think that’s just a reaction to having to push myself and being in pain, so I yell at the very in shape women who are pushing me.

A and I have a meet up on Saturday. I won’t call it a date because we’re going to chat, and I think he probably wants to forget about a second try. I sort of do to, especially since there’s other possibilities out there. I want to have fun. There’s a guy from OKCupid who wants to meet next week. It’s nice to get attention, ha ha. And A is annoying the crap out of me, especially after canceling on me and then telling me to tell him when I’m free as if he doesn’t want to push me, and then…I don’t know. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood.

Today is Weight Watchers, by which I mean it’s a meeting day. Hopefully I’ve lost a little weight, because if I’ve gained again I’m going to jump out a window or something. …maybe nothing that dramatic, but I’ll be really frustrated. On the plus side, I think I see a little more definition in my abs. I’ll cross my fingers.

Oh, time for the meeting!

Sincerely yours,





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