A Post On Good Friday

6 04 2012

I’m not religious, so all I notice about today is that everyone and their mother is out.

I went laptop shopping, with little success. It infuriates me that there are people who have jobs who are decidedly lousy at them, and I can’t get a gig answering phones or something.Anyway. First, we went to Best Buy. There wasn’t much selection, and the sales associate was…less than helpful. His answer to ‘What’s the difference between an i3 processor and an i5’?

‘They’re odd numbers.’ To our credit, neither one of us went ‘DURRRRRR’ in his face. Then we asked about the usual price, because the laptop on sale, and he just sort of stared at us before trying to sell us a wifi hotspot thing. So we left.

Then we went to P.C. Richards, where no one helped us with the laptops, but a very nice young man helped us choose an air conditioner, which we will buy later.

Then we went to Staples, which I laugh about now, since I declared I would never return. That was short-lived. But we didn’t buy anything. There was a laptop I liked, but it was a little over budget, and I’ve heard the protection plans in Staples are bad anything. So we went home and I was grouchy.

Oh, light but not a netbook laptop with a good processor and memory and battery light, where art thou?

And I’ve noticed that since I’m in a lower income area (not the ghetto or anything, but pretty middle class), that the customer service is LOUSY. What, we’re in a lower tax bracket, so we don’t deserve exemplary service. It’s really frustrating. We’re going to have to go into the city tomorrow and look there, just so we can get better service. It’s ridiculous.

Oh, and I’m meeting A on Sunday. It’s making me unsettled, which should probably tell me something. If my first reaction to seeing him isn’t happiness, I don’t think I want to be with him. Maybe that’s not even on the table anymore, and I’m just looking for closure now. My mother put it this way, ‘I never saw you being silly or cute with him.’ We were, but… I really don’t know. Sometimes it felt like I was dating two guys in one body, one who was sweet and embracing, but who was constantly eclipsed by someone slightly condescending and too serious, who put walls between us. And despite all that, I don’t know if I would say no, if he wanted to get back together. Whatever, I’ll just wait until Sunday, see how I feel.

And…I LOST SIX POUNDS MY FIRST WEEK ON WEIGHT WATCHERS! YAY! YAY! YAY! I feel better too. And it makes me notice all the crap I was eating before. I have 31 points per day, plus my 49 weekly points and whatever activity points I get. (I don’t have to use all of those, but I love the flexibility.) I’ll give you an example. I would eat a ten piece chicken nuggets, fries, and a soda from Wendy’s. The nuggets alone are ten points. That’s a third of my points for the day. Damn. Another example: a tablespoon of olive oil is 4 points, and I used to just pour tons of that stuff when I was cooking. So now? Lots of vegetables, veggies are no points and yum yum yum. Okay, that’s not true. Vegetables are good, I just don’t crave them the way I crave fried chicken. But that’s what WW is about, making healthy choices and only occasionally going to Roy Rogers and eating fried chicken. (Has anyone seen a Roy Rogers lately that isn’t in a service stop? That’s the only places I see them.)

Weight Watchers have nice snacks, like 2 point snack size ice cream sandwiches. And they have ones that have chocolate in them, and ones that are like Flying Saucers. Of course it’s just a way for Weight Watchers to make more money, but hey, so far it’s working for my body. I just have to work out more, need to firm everything up. I’m thinking about getting an exercise ball, a lot of at home exercises seem to use them, and sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym. I’m for sure going on Monday though. I wish I could get into a routine, but getting to the gym seems to be based on how I’m feeling. Maybe I should think of the gym as my job, since I don’t have an actual form of employment.

This week looks like it’s going to be fun. I hope it is.

Sincerely yours,






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