A Small Victory

13 02 2012


I lost two pounds! It’s such a small thing, but at least it’s something. Small victories bring up senses of hope and it makes me smile, so I’m happy.

The psychological effects of losing even a little weight is amazing; I actually want to eat something now instead of feeling bad about being hungry. …I’m guessing that’s not healthy, feeling guilty about wanting to eat something.

But I am making myself a plate. (It’s a trick I play on myself-I use a smaller plate, so it looks like more food, and I don’t actually put as much food on the plate to begin with.) It’s turkey loaf (with Bonesucking Sauce, mmm. They sell it at Fairway, it’s great), mixed veggies, and a little bit of mashed potatoes so I don’t start whining about the lack of starch.

I’m starting to realize it really is about moderation, and not about making some things absolutely forbidden, because then they’re even more appealing.

Oh, there’s the microwave!

Sincerely yours,





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